What Does Optimism Look Like Now?

The world is in turmoil. Regardless of where a person looks, he or she is confronted with negative press. Suicides appear to have become commonplace among the rich and famous, drug overdoses continue to plague all parts of the country, and mental illness remains prevalent. However, people continue to look forward to a new day and maintain a positive attitude while doing so. What Does Optimism Look Like Now? For many, it comes in the form of self-care through spa treatments, massages, and more.

Who Benefits From Self-Care?

People often assume self-care is available to anyone who desires it. It’s taking care of one’s own body and spirit, right? However, what people often fail to realize is those who need self-care the most, as they are under the most stress, are often the ones providing the care for the wealthy and affluent. Millenials have taken a liking to crystals and their energies. The practice used to collect these crystals though is the same that produces stress in those responsible for mining them. It’s a never ending cycle or so it seems.

The Evolution of Self-Care

Over the years, self-care has been marketed as a way for those without to see they have value in life and their health and wellness is of great importance. Nevertheless, as time passed, the notion of self-care became politicized and this trend continues today. The healthcare debate goes to show that self-care continues to be emphasized yet unavailable to some. Fortunately, the treatments can often be performed in the comfort of one’s own home at affordable prices.

Social media plays a role in optimism, as human interactions have decreased. Memes now show the optimism of younger Americans and what they desire. These pieces of art will serve in the future as symbols of life today much as the masterpieces of the past show what life was like during earlier times. The one thing everyone needs to remember is optimism needs oxygen to breathe. Don’t give up hope, even when things look dire. As long as people have something to look forward to, they will continue to work to make this world a better place, which is exactly what is needed at this time.

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