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Aviation Accident Law and Finding a Good Attorney

Aviation accident law covers all accidents that involve aircraft, whether commercial or privately owned, including hang gliders and helicopters, or in particular situations, even drones. Accidents and injuries can happen in several ways – aircraft colliding with objects or other aircraft, in-flight injuries due to turbulence, etc.

Aircraft-related injuries and accidents are often litigated under general legal principles like product liability, personal injury, negligence and the rest. Some accidents though can be covered by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) policies. On top of that, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) performs investigations into aircraft crashes.

Aviation accident lawsuits typically pose extra problems regarding jurisdiction, or which court actually has authority to handle a case. If an injury occurs on a cross-country flight, knowing which state it occured can be challenging. This is only one reason most victims will need an experienced lawyer to represent them.

Important Terms

Aviation – anything that relates to any vehicle that operates in the air

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) – A federal agency that handles aviation safety and airline industry regulation

National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) – An independent federal agency that looks into all aviation accidents, including serious accidents that involve other forms of transportation

Common Carrier – Any entity that is publicly available for human, good or message transportation

Wrongful Death – A death brought about by the negligence, or willful ommission or commission of an act by another individual

Factors to Consider Before Hiring an Aviation Accident Lawyer

Considering that aviation mishaps often involve a number of jurisdictions, it may be best to file a suit in a state that is not where you live. Hence, you should find a lawyer who has a license in other states or is experienced with the federal court system. If you choose an attorney who lives or works close to the court in which your case will be litigated, you can minimize your costs too, with the attorney not having to travel very far.

When looking into filing a suit related to any injury, it is very important for you to document all of your injuries,your treatments and costs, and the earnings you lost. No clear documentation means your lawyer will be unable to make an accurate assessment of your case, nor can he help you get the full amount that you should receive as compensation.

If you had suffered injuries or suffered from a trauma because of a plane accident, it is best to get in touch with an aviation accident attorney right away so your rights can be protected and your legal options explored. But don’t just choose any lawyer out there. It’s alwasy wise to pays to check out at least two or three different lawyers, make comparisons among them, and then select the one whom you think is best for you.

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